Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why "Renovation or Restoration?"

Let's start at the beginning! After years of convincing my husband that "New Builds" just don't hold up, we bought a beautiful Center Entrance Colonial. It was 70 years old when we bought it, 5 years ago, and with the exception of our 1980's "Dental Office" Kitchen (more on that in the future) it had not been updated for 40 years. Having a BS in Interior Design and a MAH in Art History and Theatre Design I was adamant that we would not just rush into this house, GUT, and Renovate/Update. So my mantra (and soon my husband's too) was "Restoration, NOT Renovation". And so the title!

There will soon be rantings about my 1980's kitchen and design shows that put modern furnishings in traditional settings and call it "Eclectic" or "Transitional".

My idea: pick a style, do your homework and enjoy!

I was thinking that the best barometer for a well designed room is "Would I like to hunker down in this room, read a good book , drink a great glass of wine and listen to some awesome jazz here." If I would like to do that in the room, and still stop to look at the beautiful colors, fabrics, textures, accessories, etc. in the room, then THAT is a room I want in my home.

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